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Happy Wednesday Y'all!  Phew!!! What a month it's been. We've been getting our house in order. I turned 31. The girls started school. Our youngest got glasses. We've had a few parties. Wow! Here's a picture of River and Bubba staring at the girls and I as we took their first day of school pictures.… Continue reading Hectic

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Late Nights

Happy late night Friday Y'all, or should I say a Happy early Saturday morning? It would seem that late at nigh our home becomes a completely different world. It's a world where our oldest and newest cat, Carlisle, feels comfortable enough to explore. He peaks out from the upstairs doorway to make sure the coast… Continue reading Late Nights

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Happy Thor's Day! I hope Y'all have been having a great week so far. Ours has been a little odd. We've been preparing for my friend's baby to come home after spending the first 2 weeks of her life in the NICU.  We've also been preparing the house for River to get spayed. Preparing the… Continue reading Spaying

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Happy Thor's Day Y'all!  I need to post about these super comfy pj pants.  Obviously they're Disney's Tsum Tsum. They are incredibly soft. "Like buttah," as Mike Meyers would say on Coffee Talk on SNL. I also have a cute pair of Minnie Mouse pj pants. I wore these and also the Minnie pair at Disney. They… Continue reading Cozy

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Steel City

It is finally Friday! Phew!  Am I the only one that notices time crawls when you're waiting for something important? Every agonizing second passes slower than molases. The excitement just builds, and builds.  (First!) Last weekend Hubby told me we will be moving, to near Pittsburgh, from near Chicago. Sign me up! You mean I can wear… Continue reading Steel City


First Steps

Here we go again! Life has been a whirl-wind lately. Lots of life changes, and excitement. We've taken steps towards a huge¬†life change, and I'll expand on that later on down the road. I am married to an amazing Man from Pennsylvania. This June we'll been married 7 years. We have 2 gorgeous girls, 2… Continue reading First Steps