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PA Part 1

On the trip out, River couldn't quite understand that she COULD curl up and sleep. She decided to sleep sitting up, much like a drunk person would. We'd look back and this is what we'd see.  We were at my Mother-in-law's cottage on the Juniata River for the first 4.5 days. It's so peaceful out there.… Continue reading PA Part 1

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Try, Try Again

The last few days have been interresting around here. I've been testing recipes, and practicing my icing techniques.  Also, 100 Days until my bff Disney trip with A!!! This bag is the shattered, yet delicious, remains of my hopes and dreams of running a sucessful cake and decorating business. Those are, or were, sugar cookies.… Continue reading Try, Try Again


Schoooool’s Out for Summer

Sorry to put that song in your head, buuuut I just had to! How're Y'all doing? Well, I hope.  Our Summer has FINALLY started. Parents out there: Is it just me or did this school year just drag on? Our last day was Thursday June 1st, and I was just done. D1 didn't want to… Continue reading Schoooool’s Out for Summer


It was just…

a matter of time before we ALL got sick.  Last week Hubby had Strep Throat. This week, today infact, D2 and I have it. D1 got the all clear, so we'll probably get her rechecked if she starts showing signs.  Being sick is the WORST! (I know I don't have to tell Y'all that, but… Continue reading It was just…

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Happy Thor's Day Y'all!  I need to post about these super comfy pj pants.  Obviously they're Disney's Tsum Tsum. They are incredibly soft. "Like buttah," as Mike Meyers would say on Coffee Talk on SNL. I also have a cute pair of Minnie Mouse pj pants. I wore these and also the Minnie pair at Disney. They… Continue reading Cozy

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Makin’ Plans

Happy President's Day Y'all!  We are now in full Disney planning mode. We are going to see the Mouse in January of 2018. Although I won't be able to book anything until the 2018 rates come out in late summer, I will need a set plan of attack because our 180 day mark will be… Continue reading Makin’ Plans

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How's your Tuesday going? Good?  I filed our taxes today. That's usually a little nerve wracking time, but this year I have BIG plans for that money... Paying bills. Lol.  We are now planning our next Disney trip. January of 2018! We're taking my niece for her 21st birthday. She's never been defore, so we're… Continue reading Phew!