Sox in a box. He can be a pox. I'm sure he'd eat lox, well because he's a cat, and they like fish. Happy Thor's Day Y'all! What is it with cats and boxes? They are adorable, and annoying all at the same time. After Sox climbed out of the box, Pillow jumped right in.… Continue reading Cat-in-a-Box


It’s a Wrap!

Happy Wednesday Y'all! I'm officially done wrapping the holiday gifts! Phew! I have a couple of smaller gifts to figure out, but that'll happen when it happens. I'm ready to hibernate for the winter. (Which hasn't even officially started yet, for the record.) Zzzzzzzz... Speaking of gifts, pictures make amazing gifts. Buy a frame, print… Continue reading It’s a Wrap!

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One Year Later

Happy Tuesday Y'all! Today is River's 1st Birthday!!! A year ago today her Mom that's an English Coonhound had 10 puppies total. 5 boys, and 5 girls. Houndsong Rescue posted the most adorable pictures of "The Cereal Pups" with cute names. We had been searching for a dog since we had to put our 9… Continue reading One Year Later

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Spirit Animal

Happy Monday Y'all! This is our new doormat. It's perfect! We live on a corner and there are constantly people selling stuff, religious yahoos trying to convert people, and the occasional lost person. I had to buy a sign that says: This little penguin is my spirit animal! His little face sums me up nicely.… Continue reading Spirit Animal

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Let it Snow!!!

Happy Friday Y'all! Where is my snow!? I'm anxiously awaiting our first good snow of the season. We had a dusting yesterday and it melted by 11AM. I am a snow person. I love driving in it, and I love how the first snow weighs down tree branches and makes them unbelievably beautiful. I love… Continue reading Let it Snow!!!

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Hiatus and Goals

Wow! It's been waaaay too long since I've posted. My deepest and sincerest apologies to Y'all! I'd love to tell you that it's been insanely busy, but that never changes, so I'll tell you the absolute truth: I forgot, and then life happened. Today I'll start with a pet update. Then we'll ease back into… Continue reading Hiatus and Goals


24 Days!

The days are going much quicker now. A and I have 24 days until we go see the Mouse! I wanted to post some shirts we ordered from Etsy. As the come in I'll post them and the shop owner.  This one is by far my favorite! It is, of corse, Scar from The Lion… Continue reading 24 Days!