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Hiatus and Goals

Wow! It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve posted. My deepest and sincerest apologies to Y’all!

I’d love to tell you that it’s been insanely busy, but that never changes, so I’ll tell you the absolute truth: I forgot, and then life happened.

Today I’ll start with a pet update. Then we’ll ease back into more frequent posting.

Carlisle, our 6 year old black cat, has been coming out more and more. He hasn’t come within arms reach yet, but he’s getting closer. We adopted him in April, and we are very happy with the progress that he’s made in such a short time.

River is still as cute as ever. She has not gotten any bigger, so I’ve made my peace with the fact that she’ll always be a petite little lady. With such short hair we decided to buy her a few sweaters.

Sox gained 2 pounds in the last year, so all the cats have to suffer and go on a diet with him.

Pillow is still a little Lady. But she loves to hang out in the bathtub. When I shower she goes between the shower curtain and the liner so that she can watch the water. She’s really, kind of odd, but we love her.

Since cutting down on the amount of food the cats eat we have noticed they’re much more active and seek out affection much more. (Duh!? They aren’t in a food coma all the time!)

All of the pets are happy, healthy, and spoiled rotten.

Have a great day Y’all!