GOT S7E7 (NO Spoilers!)

Tyrion is by far my favorite Lannister! His quotes are priceless, and his wits, razor sharp. 
I grabbed this little number for Hubby and I at Kohl’s yesterday. 2/$20. Had the House Stark shirt fit I would’ve snagged those too.

So, last night’s finale left me overjoyed, scared, angry, confused, and flat out nervous. The show doesn’t disappoint. The behind the scenes people just keep building, and building, and bringing us this amazing story! I started Re-reading the series, and it’ll go quicker now that I’ll be in withdrawal until the final season comes out next year. I highly recommend reading the series! I got a (matching because I had grabbed what I could before and they dont all match) matching box set on Amazon for $30. I had some rewards points so it was less, but that’s still a great deal for 5 amazing books. 


I’m so glad that a certain Lion is human afterall. I knew his humanity was in there, but sometimes it takes betrayal to get your head down from the clouds. 

Thankfully Sam DID hear Gilly when she was reading last week, before he threw his hissy fit, and he knows the full truth about Jon’s parents. Bran may be creepy, but he is so useful that his creep factor can be overlooked entirely. I’m stoked for Jon to find out, but worried because Dany can react 1 of 2 ways. 1: She sees it as a Win-Win because she’ll definitely be Queen, no matter what, by marrying Jon. 2: She flips crap and has to Kill Jon because he’s a threat to her throne. Either way Targaryen’s wed Brother and Sister for thousands of years, so is Aunt & Nephew really that bad once you know that?

Lyanna Stark-Targaryen absolutely did the right thing by making Ned promise to keep Jon safe. In the books, and in the show, Robert wants to wipe out the Targaryen blood line completely. He is deadset on killing anyone with Targaryen blood. Too bad Aemon is/was up at the Wall and Robert didn’t realize he is a Targaryen too. Lol. Robert’s Rebellion was based entirely on a lie. As I read that in the book, and kept hearing people say it in the show, In my gut, I had a feeling that Rhaegar “kidnapping and raping” Layanna was complete b.s. In the book they make it clear that Lyanna wasn’t happy having to marry Robert in the first place because he was a whore, already had children before he was supposed to wed Lyanna, and drank too much. They make it clear that Lyanna is fierce. I feel as though Lyanna would have killed Robert if he pissed her off. Plus Rhaegar is a FOX!!! Tall, gorgeous, handsome, and as loyal as Ned. 

I’m wondering IF the use of a magical creature helped to negate the magic that was forged into the Wall by Bran the Builder. I STILL like the theory that Bran IS the Night King, and also every Brandon Stark throughout history, and that his timelines are finally catching up to one another. 

Tyrion looked so sad spying on the Wolf and Dragon last night. I had a TERRIBLE thought that Cersi asked him to kill Dany so that Cersi wouldn’t kill Tyrion. After all, “No one walks away from me,” was said entirelly too many times. Note that Tyrion came out of their meeting first, aka he walked away from her. OR was Tyrion sad because he has been falling in love with his Queen the entire time, and now he’s FOR SURE in the Friendzone with Jorah? 

Hubby just sent me a theory that Tormund and Berric are on the Wall, and safe. I hope so! Tormund needs to make babies with Breann! Lol.

Ok I have to get the Minions to school. And I’m re-watching last night’s finale because I know I missed some subtle nuances. 

Have a great Monday Y’all!