Near Death Happening 

I hope everyone’s Saturday was great!

I had a scary thing happen today. 

My husband deives a Dodge Caliber, and it’s a stick shift. He’s been putting off getting his breaks fixed… for a LONG time!

My friend K needed me to watch her little 3 month old girl today while she had a job interview. My other friend J needed a ride to and from work today. L, K’s twin, came to hang out while we waited for K. K showed up just in time for L and I to pick up J from work. L parked behind me, and SOMETHING TOLD ME to take Hubby’s car to pick up J. We get to the first stop sign and the breaks are metal on metal. Just Bad! So we get to J’s job and I put the car in First Gear and put the E break on. J comes out, I take the car out of first, and go to push in the break and it goes all the way to the floor. I took the e break off and we started rolling backwards. I put the e break back on. I thought well, maybe it’s because we were on an incline? 

We go to leave. I back up, and the car kinda stops when I push the break. So I decide to go through the parking lot. The breaks ARE NOT WORKING! I decide if I can hit one of the curbs maybe we’d stop. At the last moment I decide that’s a bad idea. I turn in enough time to bump the back tires on the curb to slow us down a bit. As we turn I have to avoid a light pole. I try to pull into an actual parking spot and L pulled the ebrake so we’d stop. Freaked out, pissed off, and heart pounding I grab my phone. 

I called Hubby FURIOUS that his breaks didn’t work and told him to leave the kiddos with K while he comes to get us. He didn’t quite understand what happened and said lets try to drive it to the dealership. UM NO! I called a tow truck. (It’s now at the dealership waiting to be worked on.) Luckily, the parking lot we were in has a Starbuck’s so we all sat down to wait for the tow truck. I got some tea to calm down. 

I was VERY shaken. What if this had happened when Hubby was on the expressway going to or from work? What if the kids weree in the car too? All of these scenarios ran through my head. I thanked The Universe that I took his car because we were only in a parking lot. No damage was done to the car, or property, and we were all safe. Shaken, but safe. 

Everything happens for a reason! 

Have a Spectacular Sunday Y’all!!!