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Happy Wednesday Y’all! 

Phew!!! What a month it’s been. We’ve been getting our house in order. I turned 31. The girls started school. Our youngest got glasses. We’ve had a few parties. Wow!

Here’s a picture of River and Bubba staring at the girls and I as we took their first day of school pictures. Creepers!

The cats and dog stare out the windows when they’re not sleeping. Carlisle has begun to not be such a scardy cat so to speak. He now comes downstairs to eat. And he isn’t so quick to spring upstairs. If you catch him at the top of the upstairs stairs he’s sit there and listen to you when you talk to him instead of dashing away. 

We started decorating for Fall/Halloween. 

Now that I have 7 hours a day to get things done every day while the girls are in school, I can make sure the house stays clean, and is decorated nicely. We have been able to go through the basement and clean out all of the junk. Next is the Garage, and then the dining room lol. Hubby is making me a diningroom table that will seat 12! Yay! 

A and I have 31 Days until our girls trip to Disney!!! 

Well that’s all for now!