24 Days!

The days are going much quicker now. A and I have 24 days until we go see the Mouse! I wanted to post some shirts we ordered from Etsy. As the come in I'll post them and the shop owner.  This one is by far my favorite! It is, of corse, Scar from The Lion… Continue reading 24 Days!


GOT S7E7 (NO Spoilers!)

Tyrion is by far my favorite Lannister! His quotes are priceless, and his wits, razor sharp.  I grabbed this little number for Hubby and I at Kohl's yesterday. 2/$20. Had the House Stark shirt fit I would've snagged those too. So, last night's finale left me overjoyed, scared, angry, confused, and flat out nervous. The… Continue reading GOT S7E7 (NO Spoilers!)


Near Death Happening 

I hope everyone's Saturday was great! I had a scary thing happen today.  My husband deives a Dodge Caliber, and it's a stick shift. He's been putting off getting his breaks fixed... for a LONG time! My friend K needed me to watch her little 3 month old girl today while she had a job… Continue reading Near Death Happening 

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Happy Wednesday Y'all!  Phew!!! What a month it's been. We've been getting our house in order. I turned 31. The girls started school. Our youngest got glasses. We've had a few parties. Wow! Here's a picture of River and Bubba staring at the girls and I as we took their first day of school pictures.… Continue reading Hectic