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PA Part 2

Happy Monday Y’all! As you already know we went to Pennsylvania to visit Hubby’s family. It was a nice, semi-relaxing visit. 

Before we left I made some Cow Mason Jar and Cow face cookies. My Mother-in-Law will be 60 in October, and we won’t be able to visit, so we surprised her with cookies. 

They were yummy! Everyone loved them. 

I acquired a book called Haunted Pennsylvania, and anyone who know me understands that I love all things paranormal. So, Of Course, we were able to visit 2 places from the book. The first was The Baker Mansion.

Top is the back of the Mansion. Below is the front.

We got an older, uber-Christian lady as our tour guide. She asked the girls “Why shouldn’t we touch anything?” And Me, being who I am, responded with “Because you’ll upset the Ghosts.” We all laughed, but Miss Christ, However, snapped “Let me be VERY clear that there are no Ghosts here.” Hubby and I looked at eachother and my Mother-in-Law made a face. I’m NOT going to lie, I thought it was shitty (pardon my language but there is not other word) that this woman would push her religion on us during a tour WHEN IT CLEARLY STATES IN THE BAKER MANSION PAMPHLET THAT THEY HOLD GHOST HUNTS!!! I digress.

The Baker Mansion was gorgeous! We learned a lot. Before we got there we were joking around that we’d see ghosts. When we entered the single sitting room (below)

I remembered the story of how Sylvester Baker died. He got up from the couch one night, and took a couple steps toward the stairs, and collapsed in front of the pink couch. He died of a heart attack. When I entered the single sitting room I felt my cheat tighten, and my breathing became labored. So there’s our weird thing #1.

As we went down the stairs into the kitchen/basement the guide went first, then the girls, my Mother-in-Law, myself, then Hubby. We were down there about a minute and we heard footsteps coming down the stairs behind us. No one was there. Also, we could hear someone walking above us. The floor was creeking. No one was upstairs on the main level at the time. Weird things #2 and #3.

On the second level of the Baker Mansion there are a few bedrooms. Anna’s winter dressing room and bedroom, the master bedroom, and another bedroom. Each room has a different exhibit. One was for Gambles Department Store, the other was WWI & WWII. As you walk down the hall there are scale models of the Furnace (primitave version of the Steel Mills we have today) and Housing around the furnace. There were red posterboards with 4 pictures on the right side of the wall. The pictures were perfectly aligned and spaced when we went down the hall. But, as we came back down the hall to go downstairs, the pictures were all askew. Weird Thing #4. 

I took this picture before we went down to the basement/kitchen. There was no light when I took the picture. I didn’t have my flash on either. This is a picture of me looking up through the stairs that go all the way up to the 3rd floor. (The 3rd floor has offices and archives so we weren’t allowed to go up there.) I have no idea IF the light there is anything but it’s our Weird Thing #5.


My chest didn’t untighten until we were out of the house. I was extremely winded going up any of the stairs, even though we went slowly. It was just weird.

I absolutely recommend going to the Baker Mansion! It is GORGEOUS, and is an amazing piece of history! 

So the second place we went was the Railroaders Museum. Both of these Historic places are in Altoona, PA. The Railroaders Museum is pretty cool wether you like Trains or not. It’s a very indepth look at how trains have changed and evolved as well as the men and women that made the railroads happen in the US. 

There is a really cool, HUGE, model train that shows runs, and helps to show how there were no set times across all of the various train companies. 

We also went to the World Famous Horse Shoe Curve. Which is a way for trains to avoid going all the way around the mountains and to make a trip from Philly to Pittsburgh quicker. The Horseshoe Curve was #3 on Hitler’s top 12 places in the US to sabotage during WWII. That’s how important it was, and still is today.

We were able to see 3 different trains (going in both directions) go around the Curve. It’s a breath taking view, and a pretty neat expierence. 

So those are the sites we saw this trip. I’m NOT an expert so feel free to Google all 3 of these places!

Have a great Monday Y’all!!!