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PA Part 1

On the trip out, River couldn’t quite understand that she COULD curl up and sleep. She decided to sleep sitting up, much like a drunk person would. We’d look back and this is what we’d see. 

We were at my Mother-in-law’s cottage on the Juniata River for the first 4.5 days. It’s so peaceful out there. We were really able to reconnect with nature, and find some inner balance. We had fun hanging out in the river with friends, and family. I was excited to see our nephew D! He’s 18 now, and a full grown man. It’s crazy how fast all of our nieces and nephews are growing up! We’re all tan or tanner now. It’s nice to relax and unwind. 

The boys (My Mother-in-law’s long haired Dachshunds, Bentley & Bailey) weren’t exactly accepting of River when they met her so she spent a lot of time running away from them. She was so exhausted the first 2 days she would pass out anywhere. She’s so cute when she sleeps!

I’ve heard of Ladder Ball, but never played. Well, this weekend, I did, and we got some pretty cut throat games goin. The girls tried to learn how to play, and we spent a while dodging golfballs. Lol.

We got a chance to do some Antiquing yesterday when we got back to town. I picked up a book titled, Haunted Pennsylvania, and started reading. Hubby asked me if it was scary, and I replied No, because I don’t live here. (I believe it’s the same authors as my Haunted Indiana book, and that they have a book for every state.) Haunted Indiana was creepy because there are numerous ghost stories close to home. Haunted Pennsylvania made me want to go to Gettysburg, and all of the other places that I’ve already read about. Maybe one day.

Our move to Pennsylvania is back on the table, as is a possible Kentucky move. We have an enormous amount to consider over the next 2 years. I have 66 days until my bff birthday trip to Disney with A!!! She’s been taking care of the cats while we’ve been away, and sending me pictures. I miss those furballs. 

Well have a great rest of the week. I just wanted to touch base with Y’all.