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Old Puppy Age

This is Bunda. She’s one of my Mom’s dogs. They’re 12 this year. Bunda and her sister Ruger were the first litter from a friend of our family. My sister had Ruger and we had Bunda until my sister gave us Ruger. Both dogs are sweet and amazing. 

It’s very sad when dogs get old. You realize that they have such short lives compared to humans. I saw a sign once that read “Life is a series of dogs” and that is so true. We always say that we won’t get another sog when ours dies, buuuut we always do. 

The girls (Bunda & Ruger) are getting slower. There isn’t anymore sprinting up the stairs to greet us when we go downstairs. They slowly get up and come out of their cages to greet us. There isn’t anymore jumping when they greet us. They are excited. Their tails are wagging frantically, and they bring us their Kongs proudly, but it’s all at a slower pace. Their muzzles are white now. They’re a little more insulated for winter.

Knowing that the end is near, makes me sad, but also happy because we’ve had an amazing time with them all these years. A lot of people don’t know that dogs can get alzheimer’s. For example, the above picture of Bunda. I took it because she grabbed that antler and just sat there like that, and didn’t move. She growled a few times, at seemingly nothing, and sat there. 

On the other end of that spectrum, River is a bouncing, licking, energetic ball of energy. A change from the last couple of years with Granger.

Look at that face!!! Wasn’t he so handsome! 

River is so tiny compared to Granger. She has the same mannerisms as Granger. They sleep in the same positions, they stretch the same way, and they both love to snuggle. 

All dogs are amazing. All dogs make me smile. Whenever I see a puppy with his or her head out of the car window I always make the Aww face. It’s going to be sad when my Mom’s girls leave us, but at least we have some amazing memories of them to get us through those tough days.