Independence Day

It’s 1:26 AM and I just finished decorating some star cookies for our 4th of July party… well… later today. **For those who have no clue what The 4th of July or Independence Day is quick history lesson. Abriged version: The founders and leaders of the Thirteen Original Colonies that came to “The New World” signed The Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776. This Decliration severed us from England.**

3 sizes: teeny-tiny, medium, and kinda bigger-ish. Those ARE exact measurements by the way. The teeny-tiny ones are cute, but are too small for me. The other two sizes are more along the lines of a regular sized cookie.

Just did random Red, White, and Blue designs. I have more of the big cookies to make later, after some sleep. I realize the white icing is difficult to see, sorry. I like the dots when decorating with icing, because I find it’s a better cookie to icing ratio than slathering on icing. 

Sooo… Short story before I’m off to bed. I went to Starbuck’s today and bought my girls and I their cutesy Octopus sugar cookies. $1.95 each. They were dry, crumbly, not heat sealed in the bag, they must’ve made an icing-frosting hybrid and piped it onto parchment, and then moved it to the cookie because it wasn’t staying on said cookie when we bit into them. D1 came up to me and said, “Mommy, your cookies are way better.” THAT, right there, was awesome to hear! 

Have a SAFE and Happy 4th of July Y’all! PLEASE be EXTRA careful around fireworks!!!

And for my readers in other countries (I’m surprised to say there are a good number of you out there), have a Safe a Happy Tuesday!!!