Lucky number 7

Happy Friday Y’all! I hope everyone has a great long weekend partying like it’s 1776! The 4th of July is almost here!!! We usually have a pool party at my Parent’s house then catch fireworks in the evening. 

Today’s post topic is Marriage. 

Today (June 30, 2017) is our 7th Wedding Anniversary!!!

After 7 years, many ups and downs, 2 kids, 2 houses, 3 cats, and a Puppy, I’m glad to report we’re still happy as clams. We’ve been through a lot, and came through it even stronger. Thank The Universe! Other than Tom Hiddleston, I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. Lol. 

He is the sweetest, most hilarious, strongest, most loving, best Dad, best Husband Ever! (I know EVERY woman says that about their man.) We have so much fun with just us, and also the kids. It’s amazing to be married to your best friend and to get to see and be with them every single day. 

Ok, enough gushing!

Marriage is hard work! There are fights, disagreements, tifs, angry faces, and mean words. To work through all of that, and to get back to the two of you is the best feeling. We had a bad time a couple years ago, and we were able to work through it, listen to all of the angry truthful words being said, and change things that needed to be changed. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to be able to climb back up together and rebuild a firm foundation. 

Unless there is abuse, a relationship is worth fighting for. 

All right, I have Lots more cookies to make and decorate for Tuesday aka The 4th of July. Be safe out there!!!

Happy Anniversary to my Hubby!