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Late Nights

Happy late night Friday Y’all, or should I say a Happy early Saturday morning?

It would seem that late at nigh our home becomes a completely different world. It’s a world where our oldest and newest cat, Carlisle, feels comfortable enough to explore. He peaks out from the upstairs doorway to make sure the coast is clear, then slowly takes each step as quietly as possible to explore the first floor of the house. Believe it or not Bubba takes each step as loudly as he possibly can. Lol. Bubba often sounds like a bowling ball as he makes his way throughout the house.

From day 1 we knew Carlisle would take a long time to warm up to us, the kids, the other animals, and the house. I always said “MAYBE by August” he’ll afjust to being here. Well, I’m ecstatic to say he is now prowling the house at night! When he was in our bedroom at night, we would hear him calling to whomever would listen out of our open window. Since that first “Harrow.” Out of the window, I knew Carlisle, like most cats, was nocturnal. We could hear him eating, drinking, and scraping around in the litter box. If I woke up and heard him, I’d immediately sit up and kiss and talk to him. Or I would get up and go pet him while he was hangin out under the dresser. I’d lay on my stomach extend one arm or the other and reach under as far as I could. (And I would wonder “Why does my neck hurt” the next day. Duh!?) Carlisle usually does a warning hiss, but I’d just move slower and pet him anyway. He LOVES being pet. He would purr for me for hours, and drool because he liked it so much too! I get it, he’s a black cat, and feels most comfortable at night when no one can see him. It all makes sense. But, if he only knew how much lovin’ he’d get if he came near enough to us. He’d love it here!

The other morning Hubby was getting ready for work, and we were talking on the couch. I just happened to look up, and I saw Bubba sitting on the Landing, and Carlisle’s paw was swatting at Bubba from the upstairs doorway. Just his paw. Very slowly. Then, in an instant, Carlisle pounced on Bubba, and they were playing. This in and of itself made my heart soar. I would periodically put both Pillow, and Bubba up in our bedroom with Carlisle so they could all acclimate to each other. Bubba was always the most curious, and would get as close to Carlisle as possible. Pillow would hiss and growl, and wanted no part of it, but went in the room none the less. (Pillow acted the same way with Bubba, and River, and now loves them both. She just takes longer to adjust I guess.)

It’s been almost 3 months since we adopted our Mini House Panther. He has made some amazing strides. He went from a freaked out, drooling, hissing, and angry ball of fear to a well adjusted cat. But, Carlisle is still adjusting, and we know that. Our hopes are that one day he’ll strut into our family room, perch on the couch, demand to be pet, and be a participant in our movie nights. Or that he’ll snuggle with me at night much like Bubba does. I would love it if that sweet, affectionate cat from the shelter, (and from late night petting sessions under my bedroom dresser) would come out of his shell and sit on our laps and love us like we already love him from afar. 

Maybe one day. Maybe.

Well Y’all it’s time to watch another episode of Sex and the City, and try to crash. (I have very BAD Insomnia from some childhood trauma.) We’re having a playdate at the park with our friends, then hot dogs and s’mores here at the house. Yay!

Have a FANTASTIC (said in my best Christopher Eccleston aka the 9th Doctor voice) weekend!!!