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Happy Thor’s Day!

I hope Y’all have been having a great week so far. Ours has been a little odd. We’ve been preparing for my friend’s baby to come home after spending the first 2 weeks of her life in the NICU. 

We’ve also been preparing the house for River to get spayed. Preparing the house? Yes. We knew the poor baby wouldn’t be able to jump on the couch, or sleep upstairs, so there was that. We also made sure the house was clean so there was no way she could trip or slide and hurt herself. 

The poor Pup! She was so drowsy and doped up on pain killers. She stood the entire car ride home.

I set her up next to me on the floor so she wouldn’t get hurt getting on and off of the couch.

Bubba checked on River a few times. As Y’all can see, She figured out that if she put her front paws onto the couch, and gave me the sad eyes, that I’d lift her up the rest of the way. River and I slept on the couch last night. 

Today, River is feeling much better. She TRIED to play with Bubba. Got yelled at to settle down. She TRIED to play with some of her toys. Got yelled at to settle down. She TRIED to lick her stitches a couple of times. Got yelled at to stop. She’s getting up and down off of the couch herself. She even sat like a cat on the back of the couch today. I guess her pain pills work!? Lol.

D1 wrapped our little girl Pillow up in a blanket that my Mom made for D1’s Nala doll. Pillow is SO tolerant of EVERYTHING! Lol. She was content to be wrapped up like that too. Go figure? 

She’s obviously feeling better and is now sleeping all sprawled out. You can’t see her incision but the Dr. had to make it longer because her uterus was long. He also had trouble finding her ovaries. Eek. I’m counting down the day until her stitches come out. (11 days.) She got her microchip done too yesterday. Thankfully. I’m glad all of this is getting done before our big PA trip in a couple weeks. 

Well, that’s all Y’all! I’ll have more pretty cookie pictures after I deliver them on Saturday.