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Father’s Day

What a day!

We surprised Hubby and took him to Schaumburg, IL AKA Medieval Times!!!

Hubby is from Pennsylvania, and when he moved to Indiana in 2009, and we met, he said he’d love to go. We’ve talked about it a few times, but never went. Well, 8 short years later, we made it happen! We took the girls, and had a fantastic time! I had no idea what to get him for Father’s Day, and it turns out this may very well be our new Father’s Day tradition. 

For those who have no idea what place I’m talking about, Medieval Times is a walk back in time to the Spanish part of the Crusades. There is D1 looking at the map that says where each Knight hails from. I know, not a great picture, but I did the best I could. The Knights are: Red, Black & White, Yellow, Blue, Red & Yellow, and GREEN!

As you can see from the first picture the building is an actual castle! Pretty sweet! There were nice Pages waiting outside to tell you where to go. We upgraded to the Kings Royal Package. TOTALLY WORTH THE UPGRADE PRICE!!! (Free framed picture for every member of the party, VIP Lanyard, Priority seating (first or second row), early entrance to the seating, a rally towel, and a small flag to cheer on your knight.) We were able to ask for the Green Knight, because Hubby was wearing green. We got our VIP Lanyards, and crowns, had our picture taken, and headed over to the Museum of Torture. The tickets for the museum are $2. Worth it to see some interesting devices. Here are a few…

For the record, Chastity Belts are nothing like Hollywood portrays them to be in movies. They are absolutely barbaric.

Those two disturbed me the most… ugh. 

So here is a picture from our seats. They had the drink menu right on top when we sat down. Lol. Our rally towels were draped over the backs of our chairs. The girls could see everything, I’m so glad we paid for the Kings Royalty Package!!!

Obviously, our Knight was The Green Knight! Not only was he handsome, (and according to D2 he smelled really good when they took a picture with him after the show) but he won the tournament and defeated the bad guy too!!! 

The coolest things that happened were D1 getting a Carnation from our Knight, but he also gave D2 the “Queen of the Tournament” sash from his lance. He kept telling her, “I have something special for you Princess. Don’t worry. I didnt forget you.” She screamed her little heart out for our Green Knight. 

This guy, I’m not sure if he’s called the Herald or if he’s actually a Knight, but he LOVES his job, and he is an AMAZING announcer! Great!

The menu included: Garlic Bread, Tomato Soup, Half of a Roast Chicken, Sweet Corn on the Cob, an Herbed Potato, and a slice of Pound Cake. Everything was yummy. Not too messy to eat either. Mmmm!!! The food was really delicious. I’d go back just for the food, but who am I kidding, the Knights are easy on the eyes! Lol.

There was: Food, a Falcon, the horses put on a little show with different movements and jumps, Food, Jousting, sword fights, Food, and screaming… what more could you ask for!?

We had such a great day. Happy Father’s Day to all of the Father’s out there. Wether you have kids of your own, have adopted children, have furbabies, have neices and/or nephews that you’re a Father figure to, or your significant other is pregnant right now, I hope you had a great day!!!