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I had some truimphs today in the decorating arena. 

These are Beauty and the Beast inspired Enchanted Rose cookies I made for my bff’s daughter. D1 & D2 are going to the big sleepover, so I figured I’d make some goodies for all of the kiddos. I also made some presents. They’re not as nice as the Roses, but you can tell what they are. Again, I was just playing around with the piping, and icing consistency. 

I originally used my little bottles to outline, but the tips were between a #1, and a #2, so they were better with the details, and not so much for flooding. I filled a pastry bag with a #3 tip, and flooded with that. It worked ok, but I cut the bag a little low and some icing squished out past the coupler. The other day I was happy with the coupler, and not with the icing. That means the next time should be spot on. Lol. 

I’ll be working on cows, Harry Potter cookies for D1’s birthday party (owls, lightning bolts, and spell books), and random other shapes here over the next week, week and a half. 

I thought the yellow was set when I piped the words on, aaaand it wasn’t. Not bad for my first attempt at writing though. 

I’m VERY pleased with the practice I’ve been doing. I don’t think the roses or presents turned out too shabby, and the icing consistency is way better than my first attempt. 

The cookies have been getting rave reviews from  various family members, as did the icing. Yay! I was worried about the taste because usually when you get sugar cookies from bakeries they don’t taste as good as they look. I did NOT want that with my cookies. I want people to love them! 

Side Note: Hubby and I got a very rare date night tonight. We had dinner at Red Robbin and then went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. IT WAS HYSTERICAL AND AWESOME!!! Go see it! 

Have a great night Y’all! I’ll have a special Father’s Day post on Sunday or Monday.