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Try, Try Again

The last few days have been interresting around here. I’ve been testing recipes, and practicing my icing techniques. 

Also, 100 Days until my bff Disney trip with A!!!

This bag is the shattered, yet delicious, remains of my hopes and dreams of running a sucessful cake and decorating business. Those are, or were, sugar cookies. The recipe is an old, and reliable, one, and for some reason, it just took a crap all over my baking sheet. I was distraught that my perfectly cut out, 1/4″ thick, cookies became blobby, unrecognizable, puddles of cookie. 

So, of corse, I took to the internet and found some other recipes to try. Along with a royal icing without any egg, what so ever. (FIY the icing was waaaay too runny. I didn’t pay attention to the extra milk I splashed in to thin it.) Both the cookies and icing tasted amazing, and the icing hardened up nice and shiny.

Aren’t these Onesie cookies adorable?

See that, nice, defined, edges, zero spreading, and yummy!

Of corse, all but four are gone. I ate 2 and the kids ate the rest. As I said before, the icing was way runny. The polka-dot flower cookies, and the L flower were wet on wet so they sunk in nicely. It took me no time at all to get the outlines piped, thankfully. So there’s hope I’ll be quick at that aspect of decoration down the road. I did no tip changes, (I used a Wilton #3 tip for both outline and flooding today, because I was just messing around) and just hurried to get the icing used. 

Needless to say, my hopes are no longer shattered, and I’m ready to keep practicing. I have cookies to make for: our PA trip in July, my Parents 45th high school reunion, and my bff A. B. is letting me decorate some Little Mermaid/Under the Sea cookies for her baby’s 1st birthday in September. EXCITING! (I’ve already warned friends and family that I’ll be randomly stopping by, shoving cookies at them, and then leaving, and they can call me with their feedback. Lol.)

It was a good day!

“Seriously, Mom?” –River