Buisness Venture

Hey Y’all! 

I feel as though I am always apologizing for the long periods between posts. So, once again, I’m sorry for not posting, BUT Y’all know how hectic life can be. 

It’s summer. I survived our first full week of summer vacation. There was lots of bickering, complaining, whining, and general sisterly behavior. 

People keep asking me, “What are you going to do once school starts and no one is there all day?” My answer is usually, “The First week, probably sleep. Then this house will be well organized, and spotless. Not to mention the Dog will be trained.” I understand that the House being spotless isn’t a realistic goal, but we’ve set the new standard, and everyone has been doing great so far. Toys get picked up. The actual toy room doesn’t look like a cyclone hit, and the girls help out a lot when we clean. I guess I have high hopes for this school year. 

Lately I’ve been thinking about starting a business venture. I have always been culinarily (is that even a word? Lol.) gifted. People have always told me “This tastes amazing. You should cater.” I pride myself on being able to replicate recipes while putting my own little twist on the original. I always say, “If there’s a recipe, then I can make it.”

There was talk a few years back about starting a bakery with a now ex-friend. We broke down costs and decided it was too big of a risk to take, and we tabled the idea. I, now, will be baking specialty cakes, decorated sugar cookies, and baking old Polish recipes out of a super clean kitchen that isn’t mine. Woohoo!!! 

I’ve been running back and forth to my Parent’s house to gather all of my supplies. Making sure that I have everything that I need to be a successful entrepreneur. The supplies that I’ve ordered have all come in. Hubby helped me to figure out how to custom make a rolling pin, and he figured out a customized way to make the thickness uniformed for each and every cookie. In the coming weeks I’ll be a piping machine. I got some amazing advice from a close friend of the family on keeping separate tips for Royal Icing and Buttercream. So I have a set for each. 

Practice makes perfect, so that’s what I’ll do. 

I’m ecstatic to throw a Harry Potter themed Birthday Party for D1 this summer. Camping, swimming, and beautiful desserts. An awesome cake, delectable cookies, and a great theme. 

Yay for new things, and more adventures!

Have a great week Y’all!!!