Schoooool’s Out for Summer

Sorry to put that song in your head, buuuut I just had to!

How’re Y’all doing? Well, I hope. 

Our Summer has FINALLY started. Parents out there: Is it just me or did this school year just drag on? Our last day was Thursday June 1st, and I was just done. D1 didn’t want to leave 2nd grade, and D2 can’t wait to be a Kindergartener. Oy Vey! But it seemed like the last 26 days of school just were a slow blur. I feel as though all the Parents I’ve spoken to felt the same. It was just a long school year.

We started a new tradition this school year. We had a cookout and bonfire (in our portable fire pit in our driveway) and invited some of our close friends whose kids go to school with ours. We’ve been leery of having parties at our small house, and about having kids in our tiny yard, but it was awesome. The kids played, ran around, and ate s’mores until they were content. We blocked off the end of the driveway with my Jeep, and there were no problems. It gave me hope that when we finish cleaning out the garage that we can have more, and also bigger get togethers. 

We’ve already planned out a trip to PA for some much needed down time at the Juniata River with Hubby’s family. We also plan on going to the beach near us a couple times a week this summer. Not to mention Play dates, play dates, play dates! We’ve already started watching all of the Marvel Universe movies with the girls so they can learn more about the superheroes they love so much. 

It’s official… we have another cat, er, I mean River loves to look out the window.

I’ve been trying to gather as many sweet recipes as I can so that I can start making amazing desserts for friends and family. It’s fun to test out recipes, and gather intel. I’ll be practicing my decorating skills over the next 2 and a half months, and making everyone try my recipes. Lol oh my poor friends and family. I hope they can give me some good feedback so this side business can be a huge success. 

River got another Pup Cup at Starbuck’s. She’s way too cute not to share this picture. 

For anyone counting A and I have 112 Days until our big bff birthday trip! Woot!

I hope Y’all have a great weekend!