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Bunk bed Daaaaaay

It’s official… We have a Pre-K graduate in our house!!!

D2 is so excited to be a Kindergartner. She is excited for her new school. Heck we’re excited for all of those things also!!! I’m excited to pack her lunch, and walk them both to school. It’s going to be awesome!!!

June will be beach days, swimming pools, and Upper Michigan. July will be more beach days, and swimmong pools, and a trip to PA to hang out with family at the PA River. But August, August is going to be awesome. I’ll have a Kindergartner and a 3rd Grader. I’ll have time to diy this house to the max, and to finish researching and to start writing my book. I’ll have time to fine tune River’s training. (September will be my bff 31st bday trip with my bestie A. Then we’re planning a family Disney trip for either Oct. or Dec. but we really haven’t decided yet.)

Today has been dubbed “Bunk bed daaaay” in our house. Hubby put together their beds. The girls woke up so excited to get their bunk bed up and running. 

The girls will be getting privacy curtains to go around each of their respective beds. They also picked out paint colors for their room. As you can see the room is an ugly sagey color. Not bright at all. The girls picked: Light Pink, a Medium Purple, a Lime Green, and a Light Blue. We’re going to make one wall squares then paint each of the other walls one of the lighter colors with a couple squares. OR possibly polka dots. Who knows. Lol. It’s all about that will make them absolutely LOVE their room. 

I’m also going to FINALLY finish my kitchen this summer. I started painting it a bright Lemon Yellow months ago. In our old house I painted the kitchen cabinets white, and then I stained them. They had a cool antuiqey look to them. Hubby and I really loved them. So I’ll also be repeating that success again in this kitchen. (Hopefully.) 

The above picture is of Bubba, and Carlisle. Carlisle is to the left. He just looks like Bubba’s shadow lol. Bubba has really warmed up to Carlisle. (Not Pillow though! She still hisses and growls.) I bought a Feliway pheromone diffuser to ease Carlisle’s adjustment. He, after almost two months, has warmed up to us but not to the point to where he willingly comes out for pets. Here’s hoping the pheromones help and he comes out.

River. Oh River. She gets into the car excitedly now. She will sit, and sort of wrap her head around the side of the seat. (See above pictures.) She is a great dog, and we’ve found out she LOVES peanut butter. We fill her Kongs (yes KingS plural) and she sprints upstairs, then she runs right into her cage and sits patiently. She’s a snuggle bug, and she is just so goofy and awesome! She weighed in at 27.6 pounds at the Vet Friday. We are hoping that she will be almost if not as big as our old dog Granger.

I’m sure I’ve bored Y’all enough. Thanks for reading!!!

Have a fantastic week Y’all!!!