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May the 4th be with You!!! Lol. A little Star Wars humor for Y’all today.

Let’s face it, we ALL think OUR children are smart. No matter what. OUR child or children are the smartest kids we know. Bottom line, they really aren’t. (Some are, but most of the time, they REALLY aren’t.)

It’s ok to be proud of your kid or kids, but most of us DO NOT have clear perspective on our child or children’s actual educational level. 

Today the topic is D2, and giving her a “year to grow” before Kindergarten.

Our youngest daughter will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. This has been a long time coming. She will be six in a couple of days. 

Last summer Hubby and I had to make that tough decision to either put D2 into Kindergarten, barely 5 years old, and have her be one of the youngest in the grade, or keep her in Pre-K and give her that “year to grow”?

We sat down and took a hard look at where she was and where she needed to be. 

Kindergarteners need to know a huge amount before they even set foot in the classroom in fall. 100-150 sight words (depending on the school), identifying upper and lower case letters (NOT sing them, actually know each and every one of them by name and by the sound they make), numbers up to a certain amount (usually 20-100), addition, and subtraction. At D2’s Pre-K, they do a program called Speedy Reader which shows the kids not only sight words but blending all of their sounds, and how the letters go together. At first the kids all hate Speedy Reader, because, it’s hard, BUT once they realize they CAN read, they love it! They have them reading simple books, and they do word games on the computers and iPads as well. I know they also do Spanish and English: Months, days, colors, and 3D shapes. They also taught the kids States and Presidents. And lastly, they even started muliplication with the kids. ALL IN PRESCHOOL! 

Knowing all that needed to be learned before Kindergarten, Hubby and I decided to keep D2 in for another school year. (The school we sent D2 to keeps in touch with local Kindergarten teachers frequently to make sure their cirriculum is up to the standards that are needed to give their students the best possible start in Kindergarten. I can’t say enough positive things about her Pre-K!!!)

Boy are we GLAD we kept her in!!!

I will ALWAYS recommend that a child turning 5 right before school starts be given that extra “year to grow” as people call it. Unless your child can CLEARLY communicate with others, and adults, and do everything I listed above, PLEASE do your child a favor and GIVE THEM ANOTHER SCHOOL YEAR. IF your child is “bored” then you need to have them tested for Kindergarten readiness. IF they pass, then by all means, get that child into Kindergarten! HOWEVER, if they don’t pass, then Y’all need to invest in a better Preschool that will actually prepare your child for a bright academic future. When it comes to Preschool the term “you get what you pay for” always comes to mind. Especially in our area. We have a LOT of cheap Preschools in our area, but from what other parents have told me they don’t do even a fraction of what our daughters have done in Preschool. I know not everyone can afford $194 per month, but most preschools do NOT use the amount of technology or do HALF of what this Pre-K did with our girls. Again, you get what you pay for.

After much nervousness and waiting D2’s Kindergarten test scores came in the mail… 

D2 passed her Kindergarten test with flying colors! She got moderately above and a couple exceeds expectations in every category. She is reading at a level 2 which indicates that she’s already reading as though she’s halfway through the Kindergarten school year. The only weird thing is that she didn’t write her name for the testers, which she does EVERY single day at Pre-K. All you have to do is tell her “please write your name” and off she goes writing her first and last name with the correct capitalizations. I’m chalking that up to nerves. Poor Kid!

It’s a great feeling to know that my daughteris prepared for school, and that we did the right thing by keeping her in Pre-K another year. 

Here’s a picture of River snoozing in a Steelers blanket to get you through your day!


Have a terriffic Thor’s Day Y’all!!!