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What a Night

Happy Friday Y’all!

First things first:

Happy 20th Birthday to my amazing niece V today! We love you so much, and are so proud of the woman you have become! Hooke ’em Longhorns!

So last night around 11 PM Carlisle started his usual meowing and prowling around. You know, because we’re sleeping, and he is confident at night. At 1:47 AM I got up to use the facilities, and when I got back into bed I couldn’t sleep. D2’s diffuser ran out of water and she came in so I could fill it. When I got back into bed for the second time, I jumped onto the Disney website to poke around. When that didn’t make me tired, I turned on Parks and Rec. 

As I’m watching the show, Carlisle is in the litter boxe, and starts meowing. So I sat up to look without turning on a light. He had his head “out the window” so to speak and he was meowing to the outside world. (We open the windows in out room at night because it’s nice and chilly. But they’re only open maybe 3-4″. He put his face right by the screen.) I very sweetly said to him, “What the matter Carlisle?” He turned, got out of the litter box, and sat down. Then he started “talking” to me. 

To the left is a traditional biiig litter box pan, and next to that is a black storage tub that we put litter in because Bubba is so big, and because Carlisle likes to kick litter everywhere.

He sat there like that for a few minutes. I switched to lying on my stomach and I put my arm out to see if he’d come near me. He would make a b-line toward me then at the last second turn toward the dresser and hide. Then he started coming out and walking kind of sideways to walk past me and see what I was doing. He kept doing this until I decided to sleep.

Carlisle kept stopping at the other side of the bed to see if I was watching him. 

I would wait for him to stay still then snap pictures. Yes he was looking at himself in the mirror. Weirdo!

In this picture you can see the litter I am constantly cleaning up from the carpet. You may think that the scratching post is huge, but it’s really not. Bubba is a huge cat, and loves his scratching posts that’re all over the house. 

I am tired, but all in all it was a great night. 

D1 and I will be camping with her Girl Scout troop Saturday to Sunday. Wish us luck!!!