Dyed Eggs

Now that Easter is over I can tell Y’all about our egg dying adventure. (There’s no final picture. Sorry Y’all!)

My God Mother and I planned out the Easter menu. As we planned I showed her some pins on Pinterest. She really liked the Dyed Deviled Eggs. 

Here’s how easy they are. 

You boil your eggs. 

You peel the eggs, then cut them in half, and take out the yolk. Then you boil some water. Get some cups (Or bowls. We used cups so I’ll continue to say cups). They need to be big enough for about 3 egg white halves. Now, add a Tablespoon of white or apple cider vinegar in each of the cups. Once the water boils put enough hot water in each cup to cover the egg whites. Add 3 drops of color. When making purple add 2-3 red drops and only one blue drop. (We accidentally used too much blue and they came out a weird dark blackish purple color). For Orange I added 3 yellow drops and 3 red drops. For the rest of the colors I just put 3 drops.

Each cup has 3 egg white halves in it, a cup of boiling water, a Teaspoon of vinegar, and 3-6 drops of color. I stirred them to make sure they were all covered. They were in the cups for 20-30 minutes. I stirred them around twice during the soaking time.

See? The Puprle egg whites turned a weird color. When we served them they lightened up a bit. The pink, and orange look very similar (because of the lighting), but they were both bright and very pretty. The green would make awesome “Green Eggs and Ham” for a Dr. Suess party. There are so many possibilities. 

So once they were “dry” the eggs were put into a gallon ziploc storage bag and refrigerated over night. I was too busy to take a final picture of the deviled eggs. The eggs looked tye dyed because of all being in the ziploc bag together. 

It was a cool experiment, and was easy enough that I’d like to dye eggs for every holiday! 

Have a great week Y’all!