Life, Puppy

How Often

It’s a beautiful day here in The Region! The weather is nice, D1 is off of school, D2 has an Egg Hunt at school, and I have a photoshoot today for a close friend. So a full but fun day. 

River is growing like a weed, or so I’m told. This is a picture of her from a couple days ago. People tell me all the time (random neighbors or kids that see her frequently walking home from school) that she is getting so big. I guess. I don’t notice it very often because I’m with her all the time. 

This leads me to a question: How often do we not see what others see about ourselves

In terms of health and fitness I know most of us are very hard on ourselves. I also know that a lot of us have blinders on as well. We don’t see how “big” we have become. We don’t see how bad our diets are until someone intervenes, and then we get upset, angry, and mad at that person who is simply trying to help. We would rather tear apart someone else than take an honest look at ourselves. 

In terms of social media I am 1,000% positive none of us realize how petty, childish, fake, and full of crap we all sound. Most people try to portray themselves as better lovers, better partners, better parents, better children, and better people than they really are. Which causes divides between people. Especially when the constant Victim has a constant cheer squad behind them. It’s hard for them to take a look at what they’re doing because they have people fooled. Heaven forbid you call them out on their bull, because their legion of followers will flip the table on you. People on social media love attention. They don’t want to look at what they’re doing as a lie. They want you to think that they’re awesome and that life for them is perfect. How often do we look at our virtual reality and our actual reality and compare the two? I would think, more often than people do, especially when people actually know us in Real life, and can dispute our fake virtual reality? That was a major factor in me deleting my personal social media. I only have Pinterest now lol. 

In terms of family, how often do we catch ourselves judging, mocking, and acting out of our “character” towards our relatives? It happens all the time. I catch myself when I raise my voice at the kids, and I try to correct my actions. I don’t want my girls to remember me as some crazed person yelling and screaming about nothing. Again in creeps social media. It’s easy to sit there and watch everyone overshare and lie. It’s easy to get all of the information they post and use it against them in person. Let them live their lives, or lies, and stop judging. That’s not your business. 

Sir Anthony Hopkins, my favorite actor, lives by a thought, and I’ve started to live by it as well. “My Philosophy is: It’s none of my business what people say of me and think of me. I am what I am and I do what I do. I expect nothing and accept everything. And it makes life so much easier.” 

It’s not my business who does what, when, or where. (UNLESS it directly impacts my family. THEN I care.) If you want to talk crap about me, go ahead. If you want to put me down, be my guest. I do not care. I’ve had an entire family take severe advantage of me because I thought I was helping people who needed it. Lesson learned. I’ve been lied to by someone who said they cared for me. Lesson learned. I’ve also met people who are amazing because of those situations. I was meant to meet them all. Every situation was meant to happen. 

As you go through life you’ll realize some people are in your life to teach you lessons. They are meant to shape your life. In positive or negative ways. Just remember: ALWAYS A LESSON, NEVER A MISTAKE! Because you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this point in time. 

“People come into your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you know what to do.” -Unknown

I am not angry, hurt, or sad about any of my friendships or relationships that have ended. They all taught me valuable lessons. I am a better person now due to all of those that I have had to cut out of my life. They taught me to, More Often, take a deeper look inside of myself and figure out what they were supposed to teach me. 

That being said it’s SPRING! A time of new beginnings. A time to let go of the “bad” and let all of the good things in life enter. Go out and do something new. Go out and do a good deed. Go out and be a better person!

Have a Happy Ostara Y’all!!! Hunt those eggs, and eat those chocolate bunnies… in moderation of corse!