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April Showers

Bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. 

I hope Y’all had a great day today. 

Carlisle has been making great progress. 

It’s been 10 days since I brought him home. As you can see from the above picture, he likes to hang out by the window on the pillows. Also, you can see that we are HUGE Doctor Who fans, and that our box spring is on the floor. Carlisle was using under our bed not only to hide, but to pee. Ew! Now that I’ve thoroughly cleaned under the bed, and put the bed directly on the floor, he has been using the litter box every time. YAY! (Small victories!) On the far right of the above picture you can see my night stand is basically a wooden cube. Carlisle likes to hang out in there too when River is in her cage. I think he figures the farther away from her he is the better. He is sort of fussy, and won’t go in the bed unless it’s made. So every morning I make the bed for him in hopes that he’ll come out and enjoy the view from the window.

Carlisle is now eating dry food mixed with canned food. Which is awesome since the first 3 days he refused to eat at all. My friend L, who is a Vet Tech, told me to entice him with a little tuna. I’m happy to report that it worked like a charm! 

Starting around 11 PM, Carlisle will start meowing. I believe he’s lonely. He even mewos and it sounds like hello. Like a low haaarrroooow. I know he smells and hears our 2 other cats under the door, but they’re not ready to be around eachother. They’ll be fast friends once they are, but right now they’re all a little hissy. Lol! So when he starts meowing I respond with, “Hey Carlisle. What’s the matter?” or “Come here Buddy.” He never comes near us, but sometimes he changes his meow in a sort of response. Last night he was standing in the middle of the room and I slowly sat up and said, “What!?” And he gave me that, “Oh crap!” Look and shot under then dresser. Silly boy. 

Sometimes when we approach him he hisses. We just ignore it and gently talk to him and slowly start petting him. He’s still kind of tense, but getting better. At the shelter he was the biggest love bug I’ve ever seen. I scratch under his chin, and he makes a face like he loves it, but won’t come out willingly for lovin’. 

All in all I’m happy that he is trusting us more, and that he is making great progress. 

Have a great night Y’all!!!

Our mattress is a King Tempurpedic Breeze or something like that. You’d think I’d know, buuuut I can’t remember lol. It’s sooooo comfy! Cold to the touch so you don’t sweat to death at night. More on our bed in another post. 

Here’s a picture of River sleeping to make up for not posting in a while.