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Welcome Home

Happy Sunday Y’all!

Last weekend my friend A and I went looking at cats. I was specifically looking for an older black cat. Because of stupid superstitions people STILL aren’t adopting black cats. Unfortunately people don’t want older cats either.

That breaks my heart. Black cats are just as loving and fun as any other breed of cat. Also, older cats deserve a few great years and to be pampered.

We trekked to Westville, IN to the Independent Cat Society. The people that volunteer there do such amazing work. We went in, and went into just about every room meeting all manner of cats. Then we were told there was a room of only black cats that don’t get much attention because nobody wants black cats. We went in, I saw Carlisle. He was so affectionate. I felt he would fit in with us at home. I filled out the application, was contacted a few days later that we were approved! Needless to say, my family was very excited. 

D1 and I went to pick him up yesterday. He is a big boy! His name is Carlisle Binx. We hope to phase out Carlisle and have him go by Binx. (Yes! Binx from Hocus Pocus.) The nice lady got Carlisle in his carrier, and covered it with a towel. (He looks like a normal size until you realize we have an extra large cat carrier.) My poor baby was so stressed out he was panting. He let out a low moaning meow once, and then he was silent.

When we got home River sniffed the carrier and then turned her attention to me. I greeted her, then wisked Carlisle upstairs to our quiet bedroom. I put the carrier down, opened it, and put my hand into the carrier. No hissing. No growling. No low meows. I proceeded to start petting him. He looked at me and allowed me to pet him. I took the towel out of the carrier and used it to wipe all the drool up and to wipe his goopy eyes. I gently took him out of the carrier and refolded the towel, and held Carlisle for a couple of minutes until he let me know I needed to put him down. He sat there looking around slowly, and then after I refolded the towel, he slowly got back into the carrier.

Sox came in the room when I opened the door. Very, very slowly. He tip-toed to the carrier. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him move that slow. He stuck his head into the carrier and sniffed for about 30 seconds. Then hissed. So I booted him from the room. Carlisle didn’t hiss back, or cower, so I took that as a good sign.

Later on my Mom and niece came by, and they wanted to see him, so I gently took him out of the carrier. He was calm. This time he let me hold him for 10 minutes. I put him down, and he slowly went under my bed. He stayed there for the rest of the day.

After giving River the “leave it” command so Carlisle’s food wouldn’t be scarfed down, we settled in for the night. He came out from under the bed once last night. I got up, and as I opened the door both Pillow, and Bubba were waiting by the door. They’re curious, but won’t be allowed in to see him for at least a week.

Carlisle was born and taken immediately to the shelter. That was the only home he has ever known. He is 6 years old. 6 years he was there because he is a black cat. If there is one thing this post needs to get across to my readers it’s that everyone wants kittens. Everyone wantsthe perfect cat. People need to stop passing by black cats. This poor guy was there through no fault of his own. Because he is black, no one would give him a second look. Because he is older, no one would give him a chance. 

PLEASE CONSIDER AN OLDER BLACK CAT!!! Please ADOPT!!! They want to be loved. They want a loving home just like other cats. 

This is my beautiful boy. We’ve started our journey, and we aren’t looking back!!!

I’ll continue to update Y’all as he progresses. Hopefully, one day, I’ll be posting pictures of the cats curled up together sleeping. Pictures of he and I cuddled up reading. Pictures of him staring out a window in the Fall. Pictures of him sitting on a Pumpkin, or by the Yule tree. Hopefully he’ll adjust, be happy, and have an awesome life!

Have a great day!