A Camping We Will Go

Happy Saturday Y'all! Please send up some positive thoughts and prayers for me and the other Moms going camping with our Girl Scouts this afternoon until tomorrow afternoon.  We have our Girl Scout stocking caps, mess kits, refullable waterbottles, and this cool Coleman sleeping bag for the trip! (Sox is on his perch as we… Continue reading A Camping We Will Go

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What a Night

Happy Friday Y'all! First things first: Happy 20th Birthday to my amazing niece V today! We love you so much, and are so proud of the woman you have become! Hooke 'em Longhorns! So last night around 11 PM Carlisle started his usual meowing and prowling around. You know, because we're sleeping, and he is… Continue reading What a Night


Dyed Eggs

Now that Easter is over I can tell Y'all about our egg dying adventure. (There's no final picture. Sorry Y'all!) My God Mother and I planned out the Easter menu. As we planned I showed her some pins on Pinterest. She really liked the Dyed Deviled Eggs.  Here's how easy they are.  You boil your… Continue reading Dyed Eggs

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How Often

It's a beautiful day here in The Region! The weather is nice, D1 is off of school, D2 has an Egg Hunt at school, and I have a photoshoot today for a close friend. So a full but fun day.  River is growing like a weed, or so I'm told. This is a picture of… Continue reading How Often



It's been 10 years since my Poppa passed away. But he didn't leave us, oh no, he became an angel. He helps us out, and lets us know he's with us. Small things let us know that he's doing fine.  They say time heals all wounds. Time has lessened the pain of loss that I… Continue reading 10

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April Showers

Bring May flowers, or so the saying goes.  I hope Y'all had a great day today.  Carlisle has been making great progress.  It's been 10 days since I brought him home. As you can see from the above picture, he likes to hang out by the window on the pillows. Also, you can see that… Continue reading April Showers


Count It!

Happy Monday Y'all! Get up, and get moving! Do something great today for you or someone else.  Disclaimer: this post is long and full of pictures. It's a "healthy" post. Sometimes I think that I'm the only person in the house who actually wants to eat healthy. Other times I'm the most unhealthy eater. It… Continue reading Count It!