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Life Happens

River is always so adorable that I’m able to catch her at the right moment. Or is that my Photography degree coming in handy!? Lol!

Sometimes life happens when you least expect it. Today we had a “cookie booth” for Girl Scouts. For those who don’t know a cookie booth is when 2-4 Girl Scouts and their leader and a Mom or two set up a table and sell Girl Scout Cookies outside of a business. I was on the fence about doing the booths. We had opportunities to sign up for multiple booths. I signed up for 3. And after having done one, I’m glad that I signed us up. It was a lot of fun to see the girls interact with people, interact with each other, and handle money. They were adorable, and sold a good amount. Our troop puts their money towards helping the local animal shelter, and camping. 

Life happened today. We got to know other Mom’s and hang out with friends. Hubby and D2 got some quality time together while we were out. When we came home we took an hour and cleaned the house, then we relaxed.

River and Bubba played all afternoon. We’ve really noticed that they play for longer periods of time now. They rough-house and run and chase eachother. It always puts a smile on my face. 

I hope life happens to each and every one of Y’all this week!