It was just…

a matter of time before we ALL got sick. 

Last week Hubby had Strep Throat. This week, today infact, D2 and I have it. D1 got the all clear, so we’ll probably get her rechecked if she starts showing signs. 

Being sick is the WORST! (I know I don’t have to tell Y’all that, but I will anyway!) Aches, pains, sore throat… bleh! Keep healthy Y’all!!!

My best friend A and I have finalized all of our September Disney trip details. Our 180 day window is March 27th. At 6am my time I’ll be frantically trying to get reservations at Be Our Guest and a few other difficult to book places. I can’t afford to miss out on those hard to get reservations by waiting for free dining, so again, I’ll be frantically calling to get it applied after we are booked. Honestly, IF we can’t get free dining, it’s no biggie. We’re still going. We’re still going to have a kick butt time. 

Has anyone that reads my blog gone “Drinking Around the World” at EPCOT before!? We have an entire EPCOT day planned and we will be attempting to Drink Around the World. While eating our faces off because it will also be The Food & Wine Festival. We looked at menus, and have calculated the cost to be $120. (Or around there.) 1 drink in every pavillion. The fruiter the better. Slushy or frozen are a must. I plan on having one beer, Yuengling, in the America pavillion. Being married to a man from Pennsylvania, I’ve fallen in love with Yuengling. 

We’re going to do character meals, because we’re nerds. Im looking forward to making us matching shirts. We’ve been picking our favorite designs. I’ve already bought the shirts and supplies. I love being crafty. My big to-do is see the fireworks, in each park, because we didn’t get to on our trip in December. The World of Avatar will be open when we go, and we are both excited about that. Ironically, the first time I saw Avatar I thought it was dumb. However, when I watched it a second time (and now over a hundred times) I LOVED it. I’m not sure what my problem was the first time? Lol. 

We’re going to go to some more expensive table service places. No kids means lots of food, and leisure park touring. Coral Reef is definitely on the list. It looks amazing. T-Rex is also on our “off day” plans. We’re going to venture out to the Disney Outlet, then to Disney Springs, and finally end the day at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We have to figure out costumes too. Yay! 

Well, it’s time to take some medicine and sleep. 

Have a great week, and weekend Y’all!