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It’s Friday. 

I feel really old today. I threw out my back this morning. I did this once before, last November. I was helping to put away all of the kid’s outside toys by my Parent’s house. I bent down and OUCH! This time it’s a little different. It isn’t my lower back, but my shoulder/middle back area. It hurts to breathe, laugh, and move. I immediately had Hubby (Who luckily is home with strep throat. TO CLARIFY: Not lucky hes sick, lucky that he was here to help me.) put a couple Icy Hot patches on my painful areas. I also tool some pain meds. 

I’m 30, almost 31. I’ve had back issues since fourth grade. I grew to 5’7″ and had D cups. Back pain was inevitable. But come on, I’m too young for this crap. Having these things happen just makes me feel old. Tack on my youngest child turning 6 and going to Kindergarten, again, I feel old. 

Aaaaaand River just jumped on me and is lying on my lap. She’s lucky she’s so cute and worth the pain. Oy vey!

Speaking of River, she’s been with us for 3 weeks now. We were looking at the 4 week picture of her that we have today. Time flies. (Obviously, since I’m getting old. Lol!) she looks the same but her markings have changed. (No, we didn’t get the wrong dog.) Her black and brown areas have changed i. Terms of the black has blended with the brown more. Here is her 4 weeks picture (top) and a current picture (bottom).

Here’s a picture of her in a coon pile. 

We are hoping that she is a larger dog. When I say larger I mean tall not filled out. Coonhounds don’t fill out. They’re always skinny. Our Vet thinks she won’t be much bigger than 30 pounds. Which means she won’t get too tall. Her mom was a small and adorable English Coonhound, so she might take after Momma! 

As time passes I feel blessed that we have such an amazing life, but I can’t help wondering: just how old we’re all going to be fortunate enough to reach?

Have a great weekend Y’all! I’m going to be recovering…