This past weekend I got a great deal on JC Penny’s website, found a 20% off coupon, and I also had a gift card from the parents from Yule that hadn’t been used yet… and I was able to get 5 pairs of Chuck’s. 

I have an obsession with Chuck’s. I wear them regularly. I’d say once it’s spring, then again in fall that I wear them exclusively, that is, until boot season hits. Occasionally I’ll wear them in the summer, but that’s rare. I love ’em. They’re comfortable, durable, and look great. I was able to score: (left to right) red, minty blue, grey, black, and red. I already have a white pair. (Well off white, but a good cleaning will fix that.) 

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts we’ve been purging/donating everything that we can. I donated 2 pairs of Chuck’s the round before last. When I first became obsessed with Chuck’s I found a white pair at Goodwill near our house. I had those babies for 4 years, and they were one of the pairs that, sadly, went away. Hopefully they’ll bring as much joy to someone else as they did to me. I even upgraded the shoelaces to cool checkered ones. 


Growing up my Parents always worked hard to make sure I got to experience the world. My freshman year of High School I took a “Pilgrimage” to Mexico City with my Parents, Cousin Stan, and our dear family friends Patti and her mom Mrs. Roque. The trip was mainly to see the Basilica in Mexico City, but we also got to climb the pyramid at Teotihuacan,  and had fun swimming and playing late night games cards. When we went to Teotihuacan we took an interesting tour. This crazy guy in a sombrero told us all about how they make tequila. Then at the end we all took a shot together. After the shot we ate some good food, and bought some unique gifts.

My cousin Stan grew up with the Roque’s in East Chicago. I grew up hearing stories about his best friend and his family. It was nice to put faces with all of the hilarious and awesome stories. While we were on our trip, I was able to get to know Patti and Mrs. Roque very well. They feel like family to us. We have kept that special friendship all of these years. 

Sadly, after 13 years of battling Cancer, Mrs. Roque passed away. 

I have very mixed emotions about her death. I feel so blessed that we got 13 BONUS years with her after her diagnosis. Pause for a second, and think. Think of all of the people that you know over the years that have gotten a Cancer diagnosis. Think of all of those who didn’t last a year let alone 13!? I’m overjoyed that She was able to share in my High School graduation, celebrate my College graduation, celebrate my wedding, and she was able to meet my girls. I am immensely grateful that she was able to meet my children and celebrate with us when they were born. 

We were all given the chance to share so much with her before she died. She was such a strong woman. She kept fighting the Cancer with a smile on her face. Sure she felt like crap, sure she was exhausted, but she kept living life. She didn’t let it stop her from experiencing the joy of living. She now watches over us. She is our new guardian angel and spirit guide. She will make sure that we always find the joy in living. 

I also feel sad. Sad that we won’t see her at get togethers. Sad that I can’t just pick up the phone and call her to check in. I feel sad that all I have left now are memories. However, all of those memories will be what makes me smile when I think of Mrs. Roque and what a special woman she was.

One picture stood out to me at her wake, and made me cry. 

It’s the picture that will forever make me smile and cry. Not out of sadness, but out of a beautiful memory. The picture captured a first.

It was the picture of all of us taking a shot at Teotihuacan. 

Standing right next to me is Mrs. Roque. 

Taking my very first shot with me. 

Whenever I have tequila I’ll think of you and remember Mexico…

Cheers Loretta!