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Happy Thor’s Day Y’all! 

I need to post about these super comfy pj pants. 

Obviously they’re Disney’s Tsum Tsum. They are incredibly soft. “Like buttah,” as Mike Meyers would say on Coffee Talk on SNL. I also have a cute pair of Minnie Mouse pj pants. I wore these and also the Minnie pair at Disney. They helped me wind down and relax after loooong days at the parks. I got them at WalMart. The kids and Hubby bought me a pair of Star Wars pj pants for Yule (Christmas), that I was able to wear to the ER that day. IF YOU SEE THESE PJ PANTS… BUY THEM!!! They’re worth the $10-12! But only buy them IF your bills are paid! 

We got River a new Coon toy this past weekend. It’s long, and the tail and head squeek. Well, the head used to squeek. That lasted about a day. She loves her Coon toys. Tuesday afternoon I took River outside, and of all things, she found a tuft of Racoon hair in the grass. It was bizarre. I looked down, saw she had something in her mouth, and quickly said, “Get that out of your mouth!” When I realized it was Coon hair I quickly dropped it and ushered her into the house to wash my hands. Ew

I keep thinking, “What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?” by adopting a puppy. But as she gets the hang of potty training, and as I see her with the cats and kids, I’m so happy. She makes me laugh so much. She’s such a bundle of goofy joy. Hubby and I agreed to not get another puppy, and just adopt an older dog, but we shall see. We met our neighbor’s German Shepherd yesterday on the way to school, and he made me REALLY want a German Shepherd! (But that would entail a change in homeowners insurance, which, is a hassle!) 

We paid off all the big bills today, and I was even able to put a significant amount of money in savings. I’ve been really playing around with our bank’s app in preparation for the move. It’s all straight forward, and seems to work well. I’m much more at ease now that I know we don’t have to ditch the bank we love so much! We just have to add another local PA bank. That was a LOT of research. It’s no joke prepping to move almost 500 miles away. We have narrowed it down to 2 towns. (Depending on if we want to build or not.) We’ve picked the bank, the insurance company, the builder (should we build), the moving company, and all of the little details. We have this figured out, and researched. Thankfully! (Of corse there are a lot of if’s, but together my family and I can get through anything. We are just going to keep positive!) 

Hopefully this wasn’t just a ramble of thoughts for Y’all! Have a great day! Here’s a picture of our little girl Pillow to brighten your day! She’s so majestic.