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Makin’ Plans

Happy President’s Day Y’all! 

We are now in full Disney planning mode. We are going to see the Mouse in January of 2018. Although I won’t be able to book anything until the 2018 rates come out in late summer, I will need a set plan of attack because our 180 day mark will be quick upon me once the rates are out. 

We plan on staying at Art of Animation in a Finding Nemo suite. We picked our character breakfasts: Crystal Palace, Akershus, ‘Ohana, Hollywood & Vine, and Cape May Cafe. We are going to TRY and get into Be Our Guest, and also Coral Reef. We didn’t get into those last trip. I have made a list, broken down by park, of the girls favorite rides. There are a few rides they REFUSE to go on, so Hubby and our Niece can ride those together lol. Hubby and I have been talking a little bit about our plans, and we’re very excited to take our Niece for her 21st birthday gift. (She won’t be quite 21 yet, but when she is we will celebrate! Lol!) We have all of the must see characters, and we’re going to make my Niece’s birthday an unforgettable one. 

I’m chomping at the bit to get everything finalized and paid off! We had so much fun on our last trip. We’re not going this year because we’re trying to get things in order at home for the move, and promotion. I keep asking him, “Babe, you know we could go to Disney for our anniversary?” Or, “You know, If we go this weekend it’s only x amount of money.” I’m pretty sure he’s getting annoyed. Lol. But we never got a honeymoon, so I’m just trying to make it happen at Disney. 

I feel that when you leave Disney you absolutely go through Disney withdrawal. People who aren’t “Disney People” will disagree with me. As soon as we got home I started asking when we could go back. This trip I’m going to try and minimize the withdrawal by picking out a scent to take with us so that when we get home that scent will always remind us of this trip. I wanted to do that on the last trip. I got as far as remembering to bring spray for when we stunk up the bathroom. I definitely need to see if they sell car air fresheners in Disney scents too. How awesome would it be for your car to smell like Dole Whip or a Mickey Waffle!? 

I’ve been on Pinterest looking for Disney recipes. Dole Whip, Mickey Waffles, Akershus potato casserole from their breakfast, Rice Krispy Mickey Treats, really any Disney recipe I can get my hands on. I was at a garage sale last summer, and found an old Disney Cookbook. I’m going to thumb through it soon, and make some of the recipes. With Easter coming up, I might be able to bring some Disney magic to our celebration.

We got River a new Coon toy this weekend. She loves it! We had a rough potty weekend. Lots of accidents in the house. For some reason she pooped in the cage twice. We took her out, and walked her before we put her in there. We made SURE to be back within 2 hours time, because she’s so small. The third time she was in the cage I came home to no mess. So hopefully it won’t happen again? We just keep telling ourselves, “She’s just a baby. This is going to take some time.” Again, there’s a reason we didn’t have another baby. Potty training is no joke. She absolutely HATES getting a bath, so that doesn’t make cleaning her up after a poop cage incident easy either. I’m hoping that she’ll learn to swim so she can come in the lake, and river with us in the summer. 

Other than the potty issues we had this week, everything else is going smoothly. We donated 5 boxes of clothes, and 3 garbage bags of clothes. We also have been able to pass down clothes to friends. Hubby and I have been cold blooded with our clothes. If it doesn’t fit, then it has to go. No exceptions! The basement is almost cleared out too. We have been going through everything, and I mean everything. I think by the time “Spring Cleaning” rolls around we’ll be done. We’re living a Minimalist Lifestyle all the way!!! 

Have a marvelous Monday Y’all!