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Where’d the Time Go?!

I hope Y’all had a productive Thor’s Day. 

Today I signed my Baby (D2) up for Kindergarten! 

It’s was a surreal moment. D2 has grown so fast over the years. We kept her in Pre-K for an extra school year. She turned 5 in May and would have started Kindergarten 3 months later. She just wasn’t ready. Some places in the country call this a “Year To Grow,” and, in our case, it REALLY paid off. She has matured so much over the past year. It’s incredible. 

I’m VERY excited to not have to cart one kid across the county for school this coming school year. I’ll have almost 7 hours to get things done. Writing, extra dog training, crafty projects, and everything else that, “I’ve been meaning to do.” 

We decided a long time ago that we weren’t going to actively try to have another child. If it happened, it happened. When we had D2, we felt that, financially, and in our hearts, that our little family was complete. We thought about having another baby at certain points in time, but when you know you’ll be 41 (when D1 graduates) and 44 (when D2 graduates) when your kids graduate from High School, it puts things into perspective. We knew we didn’t want to be older and raising a family. I’m exhausted enough as it is now with my Crohn’s. A puppy is one thing, they grow fast! But having another tiny human to raise, no thank you, I’m good! We also wanted to make sure our kids grew up together, hence the 2 years and 3 months of space between them. It’s really worked out. No jealousy issues with D1 when D2 came along. They’re bffs, and share pretty much everything. (However, I’ll let Y’all know how that holds up when they’re teenagers.) 

I have pictures up around the house of the girls when they were little. Everytime I look at those pictures I wonder, “Where’d the time go!?” I can instantly recall emotions and feelings that I had when I was living during the time that that specific memory was happening. Seeing the pictures always makes me happy. They make me glad that we didn’t have another child, and that we decided to adopt animals in need. River is a handful, and is the Baby now. This time next year I’ll be looking at all of her tiny pictures remembering  her crazy antics. 


This is my favorite picture of our old dog Granger and D1. D1 is about 2 in this picture, and so is Granger.  We were able to watch both of our girls grow up with Granger. Now we get to watch them grow even more with River. Dogs (and other animals) are amazing for kids growing up. 

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us. But I just keep asking, “Where’d the time GO!?” Maybe one day I’ll find that answer. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy freezing moments in time, and reliving them. 

Good night Y’all.