It’s Wacky Wednesday Y’all! If you’ve never read Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Suess then you should. It will always put your ‘bad day‘ into perspective. 

Today I’d like to talk about “Adulting.” Or as older people call it, ‘being responsible.’ 

Let’s face it, being an adult sucks. That’s it. Plain and simple. Bottom line. As children we’re all in such a hurry to be an adult, and grow up. I’m not entirely sure why? It makes no sense. We don’t see all that goes into it, because our parents try to shield us from most of it. 

I mentioned my tax refund yesterday, and my BIG PLANS of paying bills with it. Sometimes you have to make those tough choices. “Should I buy those clothes, or pay bills?” The answer SHOULD be CLEAR. Pay bills so that you can be in a better position throughout the rest of the year. Pay your bills on time or early! Falling behind is the worst thing you can do. If you can’t afford your lifestyle, then start making changes to live a better life! It’s that simple. 

Unfortunately, young adults today want to get as many credit cards as they can, max them out, then try to recover years later when they want to buy a house or car. Young adults live in the NOW! They don’t think about retirement, or saving for their future. I was raised to always say, “no credit cards.” And I got my first credit card at 30. (It’s the Disney Visa. You get 6 months zero interest when you pay for your Disney vacation. You get a discount at many shops at Disney. You get cash back in the form of Disney cash to put on a Disney gift card. So with us being Disney people, it was our best choice. Plus you can use it anywhere AND mine has Yoda on it. Win- Win!) I pay that sucker off asap! The same goes for Hubby’s credit cards too. Don’t pay the institutions anymore interest than you have to! Do your homework and get a card hat works for you, and that will give you the best benefits.

I’ve always tried to be financially responsible. I pay my/our bills early. I pay more than the minimums. I make extra payments when possible. I DO NOT like owing people money! Hubby and I have good credit scores now that we’re adults. We’ve worked hard, and it’s paid off.

I’m just trying to caution Y’all to be responsible when you’re young so that you have no worries in the future. ALWAYS contribute to your 401k! IF possible contribute the maximum amount!!! Take advantage of IRA accounts, get life insurance, and just start putting money away! ANY money put away is better than NO money put away. If you have to you can have your paycheck split up and automatically put into a savings account. That way you can’t touch it, but it’s there when you need it. 

PLEASE start being responsible so you can retire and be set! Think about it!!! Start saving!!! It’s never too late to start saving!!!

Here’s a picture of River to make your day better!

Have a great day Y’all!!!