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How’s your Tuesday going? Good? 

I filed our taxes today. That’s usually a little nerve wracking time, but this year I have BIG plans for that money… Paying bills. Lol. 

We are now planning our next Disney trip. January of 2018! We’re taking my niece for her 21st birthday. She’s never been defore, so we’re going to splurge a bit and give her some great memories! 

I have to vent for a minute. 

We got our cat Bubba from a friend of a friend’s sister. (No, we no longer talk to any of them.) She told me that, “He beats up my little dog. He’s really mean with him.” So I was afraid to get a puppy. I was afraid Bubba would be mean to the new furbaby. I’m GLAD to report Bubba is AWESOME with River!!! He has yet to try and beat her up. He sits patiently while she sniffs and licks him. She even tackled him the other day, and he just let her. Here’s my vent: Why would they tell me that? I don’t get it. River is about the size of that woman’s little dog, and Bubba hasn’t even growled at River. Weird!!!

Well, I have planning to do. Have a great day Y’all!