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Happy Monday the 13th Y’all! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. 

Our weekend was full of potty training and birthday festivities. We had a few accidents while I was busy yesterday. It’s ok, River is a baby after all. I made a huge lasagna yesterday for D1’s birthday, and we went to My Parent’s to celebrate with just us. My Mom & GodMother helped me sort out all of D1’s Girl Scout cookies. THANK YOU! She sold 103 boxes, and it was a snap getting them all sorted with help. 

River did great in her cage for the 2 hours we were gone. I got a very cute video of her Baying. When Hubby was picking her up to get her potty she peed a little bit. That’s pretty darn good for a puppy. 

Last night we opted to NOT keep her in the cage over night. I know, I KNOW, MANY people don’t believe in allowing a dog in bed with them. I, however, believe that when you adopt an animal they become part of your family. My kids both sleep in big comfy beds. So please keep your, “never let your dog” crap to yourselves. EVERY dog we have ever had in my life has slept with ME! IN my bed. We put a blanket doubbled underneath “her” blanket that Houndsong Rescue gave us in her care package. She stayed ON her blanket all night. NO accidents! YAAAAAAAY!!! She didn’t make a peep all night either. (Aside from her usual grumbling when she sleeps.) She was so content to just snuggle next to me. I got a full 6 hours of sleep, (on top of the few hours on the couch while Hubby and I watched Netflix) and so did she. It was great!

River has started her chewing phase. We have been re-directing her like crazy! Thankfully I went all out and bought her all manner of toys to destroy and love. Her favorite is her “Coon” rope toy. We tell her, “Get your Coon,” and she prances over to it and chews on it. (It’s funny because she’s a Coonhound, and they are trained to hunt Racoons.)

We are so in love with this little girl! As I’ve said before one of our cats is on board, and the other… Not so much. It’s so cute to see how excited River gets when she sees Bubba! She tackled him yesterday, gave him kisses, and he just let her. He is such a good cat!

Alright, it’s time to start our day. 

Y’all have a Marvelous Monday!!! Go do something kind for someone else!