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No Questions Left

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous Daughter today! She’s officially 8! She is turning into a hilarious, besutiful, and most importantly, kind, young lady. She’s doing phenominal in school, and loves to spend time with her family, and friends. I remember how little she was, and now she’s about 5 feet tall. (I’m 5’9″, and Hubby is 6’2″ so we’ll see where she ends up. Time really flies. 

Speaking of time, it crawled by last night. We had originally wondered IF River could Bay. For those who don’t know what “Bay” means. Hounds do not bark. They howl or “Bay.” It sounds like, “Arrrooooooo.” There are NO questions left about that. She CAN Bay, AND it’s a nice deep Bay for how tiny she is. 

River climbed up onto the couch and curled up in the corner just like our old dog Granger used to. And that’s where she slept most of the evening while I slept next to her. 

Our cat Pillow used to LOVE our Hound Granger. Yesterday, when Pillow met River, Pillow hissed and growled at River. Bubba, on the other hand, has been more welcoming. He stands still while she runs up to him, and allows her to sniff him. When she sleeps he will walk up to her and sniff her. He even stood next to the cage last night to see if she was ok when she started Baying. This morning he jumped onto the arm of the couch and put his paw out for her. Then this hilarity happened. 

Last night when River started Baying because D1 came into our room, because of the first round of baying, I ended up just laying down on the floor next to her cage to comfort her. She had zero accidents in the cage (or house all day as well) last night. Once I got onto the floor she was good. No more whining or baying. 

She’s such a good girl. I am so glad we picked her. She has made us all laugh and smile more than I can say in just the short amount of time we have had her. 

I’m baking funfetti cupcakes with purple frosting, and also a lasagna for D1’s birthday. I am so grateful to have an oven that works again!!! It’s the little things in life that make me happy!!!

Well, time to nap with River. Have a great day Y’all!