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Happy Saturday Y’all!

Today was our Puppy Gotcha Day!!!

I’d like to introduce you to River Song (our last name). She’s a 9 week old English Coonhound/Treeing Walker Coonhound. 

We adopted her from Houndsong Rescue. They are AMAZING people and they do so much for Beagles and Hounds that need to find new homes. They do such selfless work. Thank you to Houndsong Rescue, all of their fosters, and all of their volunteers!!!

She had a big day today. She met my Mom’s two Dutch Shepherd/Black Lab mixes, and my Mom’s Neighbor’s 6 (yes you read that right 6) smaller (very cute) dogs. She went potty twice each number. She’s eaten some treats, and food. She LOVES to be near us. For those who don’t know, Coonhounds are people dogs. They LOVE their people! 

Here are a bunch more pictures of River. 

Have a great weekend Y’all!