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A Wrench in the Plans

Happy Thor’s Day! 

We got some information last night that is going to impact our moving plans. We have a great deal of thinking to do…

I did some calling around yesterday to see what insurance companies won’t discriminate against certain breeds of dog. We love the breeds that make up the blanket breed of “Pitt Bull,” and we also love German Shepherd’s. Both are highly discriminated against. With our little furbaby coming home on Saturday we’re already thinking about getting her a Sister. A BIG sister. It wouldn’t be for about 2 years, but I like to know my options. I’m a planner. I’m extatic that I get to finish up the puppy proofing today, and that my new oven and upright freezer come tomorrow! I’m going to bake my booty off!

This is right when you come into the house. There are chew toys, squeaky toys, ropes, Kongs, and a tennis ball canon. She has 3 leashes, a tiny harness, and tiny collar with her tag ready to wear on Saturday. We are stoked! 

That’s all for now.