Just a Sprinkle 

“MOMMY! IT SNOWED! IT SNOWED! IT REALLY DID SNOW!” -D2 this morning as soon as it was light enough outside to see anything. (For the record, we are winter people.)

D2 wakes up anywhere between 4 AM and 6 AM. It took a long time for me to adjust to her early hours. The worst is when we “fall back” because it’s closer to 4 AM for months. I asked the doctor what the problem was, and I was told, “that’s just her internal clock.” Hearing that, Hubby and I have accepted that our child is the “early bird” you’ve heard about your entire life. 

Hubby, on the weekends, when he’s off, is kind enough to let me sleep in. It seems that over the last couple of years I just wake up with everyone else. I enjoy watching the girls snuggle with my husband, play video games with him, and basically annoy the crap out of him instead of me. Besides, when you wake up early on the weekends you can get way more done. Lately we’ve had a lot to do.

We’ve been trying to figure out what we should and shouldn’t take with us on our almost 500 (460-80 depending on where we agree on) mile move (hopefully) next summer. I started going through all of our and the girls’ clothes. I give anything smaller than what D2 can wear to my friend. Anything the adults can’t wear goes in boxes to donate. We try to give back wherever we can. When we moved from my Parent’s house to this house I donated 13 boxes of just clothes. We decided to give our living room furniture to anyone that wants it, and donate it if no one does. Same with all of our mismatched dishes, small appliances (such as a quesadilla maker), and anything else we don’t absolutely have to haul across 2 and a quarter states. 

Purging your home of unnecessary things is like a fresh snow. It gives you a blank canvas to create more from less. That may sound odd, but it’s true. Addition by subtraction. You subtract things or people that don’t matter in life, and you add happiness by their absence. Learn to live with less, and you’ll be happier. We went from a BIG house to this small house and gave away so many things. We are happy here with less stuff. My ONLY complaint is we have ONE bathroom. There’s nothing worse than starting to go, and hearing a knock on the door. “Mommy? I gotta go potty!” 

Bottom line is you need to stop trying to keep up with people who don’t pay your bills. Who cares what anyone else has or does? There’s no point in having the big house, or expensive car if you can’t afford to live. By live I mean travel, go to great restaurants, and not have to charge everything you buy. Don’t be a slave to life. Be the master of life. When you die you can’t take it with you, and your kids will have to figure out what to do with all the stuff they don’t want. Do you want to make your kids hate you!? This is all in jest, but to be serious, sell what you can. Downsize. Live a minimal life, be happy because you only have an $800 mortgage, you paid off all of your bills, and your car is yours. Since downsizing we’ve been able to pay off all of our credit card debt, pay off Hubby’s car, and travel. We know our budget, and live within it to make sure we can pick up and go on adventures!

Think about how your life would be different with less, and make it happen. You’ll be so much happier in the end.