Fun Facts About Me

I know most of my Followers know me in real life, but those that have been liking me are total strangers. I thought it would be fun to put some personal tidbits up about me.

1. I love chips. Ruffles, Doritos, Flamin’ Hots. The lot of them! I don’t get to eat them a lot, but when I do, watch out!

2. I have Crohn’s Disease. Yes, it is painful, but 90% of the time I follow a really strict diet. I have daily pain, and sometimes I have to dig deep to adult. I suck it up and try to be the best Mom and wife that I can despite the pain.

3. I like all types of music. It took me a long time to really like country, but now I do. Swing music is my favorite. The Glen Miller Orchestra has been my favorite since I learned about Glen Miller in middle school. 

4. I am Mexican, Polish, and Hungarian. My family is HUGE. We know how to party, and try to gather frequently. I love each and every one of my family members… just not on the same level. HA!!!

5. I rarely drink alcohol because of my Crohn’s. When I do, I prefer: Yuengling Black and Tan, a Harvey Wallbanger, an Amaretto Stone Sour, or a Margarita. I’m not big on taking shots. 

6. I prefer to drive a Jeep. I have a Patriot right now. I have driven many different makes of cars, SUV’s, and mini vans, and still love a Jeep the most. We plan on buying a Wrangler as soon as we can afford one. 

7. I have been to Spain, Mexico, and was able to walk around an airport in Germany. I was able to go with my school. We went from Madrid down to Torre Molenos in Spain over 10 days. My Parents, my cousin, and some close family friends went to Mexico City, Mexico to see the Cathedral and Teotichuacan. In Spain People thought I was German. I’m Mexico no one asked because I could speak Spanish. 

8. I read lots of books. If someone recommends a book or series I will read it. I love the classics the most though. I’ll probably review a few on here. 

9. Hubby and I love movies (and a few TV shows). Having two children doesn’t allow us to go out that often so we have date nights at home watching our favorite TV shows or movies. 

10. I love Mythology and Superstitions. Any. About any past or present culture or society. I think they are interesting, and sometimes fun to follow. 

I hope Y’all had a good time reading how weird I am. Have a great Monday!

Bubba likes to help me with laundry…