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Have you ever woken up from a dream and thought, what was that!? Once the fog of sleep has lifted and things become more clear sometimes you can make sense of it all. 

I often have dreams of people that have passed or those who I no longer speak to. I usually wake up and feel a sense of loss and confusion. Other times I feel grateful for their absence, and I do a happy dance once I’m out of bed. Today was a combination of both. 

It’s Super Bowl Sunday here in the U.S. We like to eat a lot, drink even more, and if our team isn’t one of the lucky 2, only watch the commercials and the half time show. For us, we’re just relaxing and finishing up puppy proofing the house. We’re rooting for The Altanta Falcons. 

Be safe Y’all! DO NOT drink and drive!!! Your pets won’t understand why you never came back!!!