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Steel City

It is finally Friday! Phew! 

Am I the only one that notices time crawls when you’re waiting for something important? Every agonizing second passes slower than molases. The excitement just builds, and builds. 

(First!) Last weekend Hubby told me we will be moving, to near Pittsburgh, from near Chicago. Sign me up! You mean I can wear my Steelers gear out of the house and not get death stares? Let’s Go Steelers!!! Where’s your Terrible Towel!? When do we pack up and leave!?!?!? Oh, In a year to two years. Now imagine that excitement we talked about earlier building and building for a year or two! 

The first thing I did was pull up and start looking at houses. You can get a huge, gorgeous turn of the century Victorian, for dirt cheap out there. I got even more excited. I started bookmarking potential homes. The excitement wore off pretty quickly when I looked at Pittsburgh school raitings, however. Pretty low. I don’t know about anyone else but my children’s education comes before a rock bottom priced house! I don’t care if it’s a mansion, if it’s in a terrible school district, I pass! 

My next step after that harsh reality was to scope out surrounding areas and school corporations. The excitement came back tenfold!!! There are incredible schools in the Pittsburgh area, and I was back on board! It becomes tricky because Hubby will be working in West Virginia, so we can’t get too far into Pennsylvania. I found houses, proposed construction, and acreage. We’ve debated building vs. just buying. I looked into rental prices incase we build, aaaaand we agreed to just buy. Some places wanted $250 PER PET to rent their places. That is just absurd! 

There are many, many cogs in motion right now for us. We broke the news to the kids, and there were some tears, and there is still resistance. I have made it crystal clear that we’ll be back to visit, and that our house will have more than enough room for friends and family to visit us. That helped a tad. I think once they see their new room and get to decorate things will change. 

We are also in serious purge mode! We’re getting rid of all of our living room furniture before we actually move. Any clothes that don’t fit are being donated. Papers are being shredded. Anything that will be useless when we move goes now, before we move! Toys, shoes, whatever! When we moved from our first home to our current home we purged an enormous amount of stuff. (Going from 3,200 square feet to 900 square feet will help you decide what’s important and what isn’t.) I am grateful for that initial purge!

(Second!) Our furry little bundle of joy comes home next Saturday!!! Another instance of excitement just building and building. Although, I think I’m more nervous at this point. Have we puppy proofed enough? Does she have enough toys to chew on and play with? How will training her go? Will the cats pick on her? We were able to finally pick a name!!! That was a relief. (I’ll post her name when she comes home, and I have an obscene amount of pictures to post. There’s some excitement for Y’all lol.)

Quick cat story. Bubba, our 20 pound Maine Coon, likes to hop in bed with me every morning. It starts as him either meowing at me once in his abnormally tiny voice. Or, he walks on top of me and starts kneading between my ribs. (I usually have bruises there.) It’s in a loving way so I don’t get mad. I lift up the blanket and swoop him under. By the time he’s securely under the blanket he’s purring up a storm. It’s our special cuddle time to start my day. Here’s a picture of us snuggling this morning. I wonder how our snuggle time will change once our furbaby gets here?