First Steps

Here we go again!

Life has been a whirl-wind lately. Lots of life changes, and excitement. We’ve taken steps towards a huge life change, and I’ll expand on that later on down the road.
I am married to an amazing Man from Pennsylvania. This June we’ll been married 7 years. We have 2 gorgeous girls, 2 furry Maine Coon Cats: Pillow (gray) and Bubba (white), and as of Feburary 11th an adorable Treeing Walker/English Coonhound baby. (Lots of pictures to come!) We’ve built a beautiful life full of wonderful friends, and interesting family.


This past December (2016) we were able to take a trip to see the Mouse. Yup! Walt Disney World. The girls had a blast, and so did we. We have already started planning our return trip we loved it so much! We’re Disney people, and it will get annoying sooo be prepared. I’ll be writing about our trip with things we found helpful. I’m by no means an expert… Yet… but I hope to help a few people out there with their trip(s).

We live in Northwest Indiana. More commonly referred to as “The Region” and not in a good way. It’s not too bad though because we are 20 minutes from Chicago. You know the best, most fun, amazing, and most dangerous place in the U.S.? Yes, THAT Chicago! Our city is old and full of history. John Dillinger even escaped from our jail May 3, 1934. That’s right! Good ‘ole CP!

I usually have lots on my mind, and a lot of pictures of my animals to post. I started this blog to help our friends and family keep in touch down the road. Down the loooong road to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Have a great Thor’s Day Y’all!